Smartphone Photography Workshop

“The best camera is the one you have on you.” Along this message, Firmus organized an open workshop for amateur photographers, conducted by Mariusz Stachowiak, an expert in this field.

Mariusz Stachowiak is a photographer, traveller and promoter of modern photography. His mastery in photography is evidenced by the fact that the prestigious magazine “National Geographic” invited him to join the jury of the Great Photographic Competition 2018.

The workshop, which he conducted in Mielno, took place on 7 December last year. – Each of us is a photographer, every day we carry a smartphone with us, which we can use to easily and quickly capture things which amaze us or arouse other emotions. Not everyone, however, takes advantage of all the possibilities to be found in their device – says Mariusz Stachowiak.

Workshop participants signed up via Facebook. After the theoretical part conducted by Mariusz Stachowiak in the Dune Resort conference room, the time came for the practical part. All of them went to the area of the latest project completed by Firmus Group, i.e. Rezydencja Park Mielno at 1 Orła Białego Street.

Each participant’s task was to take the best possible photograph of the project itself or the area around Rezydencja.

The winner of the competition was Dawid Stanny from Gdańsk, who received a voucher for a two-day stay at Dune Resort funded by one of the co-organizers – Dune Beach Resort company. The second award (voucher for Dune Restaurants) was given to Karolina Margol from Koszalin.