New flavours in DUNE Resort!

Both restaurants in DUNE Resort have resumed their business. The break in operation was a good time to make minor but significant changes. Changes applied to both the appearance of the premises and the menus.

Warm sun and sea breezy air, the scent of lavender… Simply visit Dune Brasserie & Bar to feel like in France. In Dune B’s restaurant, refined flavours perfectly match the light, delicate, yet imaginative cuisine.

The menu is dominated by French delicacies accompanied by properly selected wines. Attention to detail and the best ingredients from France mean that every visit to Mielno will entail a visit to Dune Brasserie & Bar.

The other restaurant, i.e. Dune Restaurant Cafe Lounge, in addition to a slight redesign, offers a new menu. The classic dishes recommended by our chef, Marcin Pomorski, include mainly Dune Burger, which is served in three versions: Classic (180g beef), Max (360g) and Vege.

The menu will also include dishes inspired by products from the region. As expected by our customers, the restaurant located close to the beach, will certainly offer Baltic fish such as cod, halibut, salmon, pikeperch and seafood.

The classic dishes will also include Allio e Olio pasta, Caesar and Dune salads as well as beef tenderloin steak. “There is something for everyone”, says the chef.

It should be added that due to the time of the year, there is also a spacious terrace right next to the sandy beach. “Coffee, tea, wine or refreshing cocktail? According to our customers’ opinions, we know that the above beverages taste best with the accompaniment of the sea sound”, adds Marcin Pomorski.