Sale of apartments in Rezydencja Park completed

The Firmus Group officially closed the sale of apartments in Rezydencja Park. In total, 194 apartments found their happy owners. For many, it is an interesting investment in property rental to have an additional source income, while for others it is a possibility of having a second house at the Polish seaside.

The Rezydencja Park Mielno Complex was built in stages between 2010 and the end of 2019. The nine buildings, which extend almost from the Baltic Sea promenade to Lake Jamno, house 194 intimate apartments. The terms “intimate” seems to be the so-called key word in the case of Rezydencja Park, because the atmosphere of this place, the playgrounds for children and the above mentioned location were some of the most important decisive factors for the owners to buy the apartments.

Rezydencja Park did not “steal” the heart of the current owners of the apartments solely due to its unique location and intimate character. The architects responsible for the project design made Rezydencja Park a stand-out facility that is perfectly integrated in the maritime standards. Moreover, the half-timbered construction evoked and still evokes the climate of Mielno at the turn of the century, which we miss every so often.

It should be added that over the years, Rezydencja Park has been a place for special meetings of various nature. The Norwegian barbeque, the exhibition of historical postcards from Mielno and the planting of trees attracted many tourists, apartment owners and friends of the Firmus group.

We have no other option but to offer a warm thank you to all our customers for their trust, meanwhile returning to our hard work on next projects…