Another edition of the First Aid Academy started, the largest so far.
That ambitious educational programme is addressed to children and adolescents. Thanks to it, hundreds of students will be able to learn and practice the rules of first aid.
During practical workshops they will learn e.g. how to place the injured person in the recovery position, how to press the chest to maintain blood circulation, how to dress wounds and many other skills useful in emergency. It is equally important that during the training sessions the children will see how to take care of their own safety when providing first aid to the injured person.
The third edition of this action assumes organisation of 40 workshops with 1,200 young people to be trained during them. The honorary patron of the autumn and winter workshop cycle is Piotr Jedliński, President of Koszalin. The partners of this-year action are Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń i Reasekuracji Warta S.A. and Dajar. The media sponsors are Prestiż Magazyn Koszaliński monthly and “TV MAX”, Telewizja Kablowa Koszalin.

This-year Charity Concert by Zdążyć z Miłością Foundation, the main sponsor of which has been Firmus Group for many years, was highly successful.

Last Saturday, on 11 November, the music of  Golec uOrkiestra could be heard in the Philharmonic in Koszalin. All the proceeds will be appropriated for the support of the Foundation customers and the protected flats for only mothers kept by them. As stressed by the Firmus Group proxy, Aneta Leśna, “we are a part of the local community which is why we want to contribute to favourable changes in various areas”.

fot. Marta Figarska

The concept design of the development of 40 ha of land at the spit between Jamno lake and the Baltic Sea, rewarded in 2016 in Cannes, was to be implemented this year. The design has been ready for commencement since May 2017 when the project received all the required permits apart from the approval of the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection.

According to the Directorate, the residential buildings in Jamneńska Spit threaten the natural environment. More information on the decision and its effects can be found in the interview with Firmus Group President, Stein Christian Knutsen in the previous edition.

Implementation of the Molo Park project is approaching its end. The developer obtained an occupancy permit for it in early October. This means 53 suites in the Group portfolio have already been completed.

Molo Park is an outstanding project, combining the best features of the already implemented projects. It seems to be an excellent proposal both for people looking for a suite at the seaside for themselves and also for those who perceive their purchase as an investment and a way to earn money.

Many additional services were designed in the condominium, including a private swimming pool (situated on an upper floor in an unusual way), fitness area and sauna. An extra attraction is offered by the spacious and sunny observation terrace overlooking Jamno lake. The ground floor of the building will house a cafe available to everyone, offering e.g. breakfasts, and a reception area open 24h/7.

The main contractor of the Molo Park project was PB KUNCER which implemented also the previous projects by the Group, including Rezydencja Park, Rezydencja Park Rodzinna or the Restaurant in the Dune Resort complex. Molo Park was designed by architects from SAS Studio.

The four-storey Rezydencja Park building will house 55 apartments with different sizes: one, two and three rooms. Each with a private terrace or a spacious balcony.

There will be private parking spaces in the ground-level garage. The whole property will be fenced and the building will be equipped with modern elevators.

The project is implemented by the Rezydencja Park Mielno company owned by the Firmus Group. The completion of construction works is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2019.

The launch of official sales is also planned for September.

Last Sunday, 9 September, the Scandinavian climate prevailed in the Norwegian Housing Estate.

Participants and the weather did not fail us. There were plenty of attractions for young and a bit older people.

Sweet snacks waited for everyone.

The Family Picnic was also a good opportunity to take a closer look at the houses that were completed as part of the second stage of the project and the developed housing estate area.

The event was organised by Firmus Group in cooperation with partners: Ajkan for Kids, Świat Lodów and Dajar.

With the participation of nearly 1,400 athletes from 90 countries, the Olympic Class Sailing World Championships began on Thursday (2 August) in Aarhus, Denmark.

For two weeks, 37 Poles will fight for our country’s qualification for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. However, our team consists of 38 players. Maks Żakowski (MKR Tramp Mielno), as the only representative of Poland, will compete in kiteboarding, which was included for the first time in the programme of the 4-year event (this sport discipline will have its Olympic debut in Paris in 2024). A 24-year-old Maks Żakowski of Mielno is sponsored by the Firmus Group, a Norwegian developer investing in Mielno and Koszalin.

This is how Stein Christian Knutsen, Firmus CEO, explains the reasons why the company decided to once again provide support to a young athlete: Sport is important for building local patriotism, building identity and pride in the place where we live. At the same time, in sports we can observe large disproportions in capabilities. Some countries, clubs or organisations can boast of almost unlimited budgets that others can only dream about. It is against the principle of fair play… Athletes who, despite material hardship, achieve the best results in the world are real heroes. Such talents are rare. Maks is one of them. This is not the first time that we help Maks. Just like we have supported kitesurfing and other sport disciplines for many years. Firmus and I personally believe that it is our duty to share success and work for the local communities as best we can. This is why we support Max and wish him success during the World Championships and in the future, the Olympic gold medal. He can achieve it! What a joy and pride this would be for Mielno, Koszalin and Poland!

Last weekend (28-29 July), a sailing competition under the name Baltic Class Cup was held on Lake Jamno. It was the fifth edition of the competition organised by the Koszalin Yacht Club with the support of the Firmus Group. Fabulous weather and exceptional conditions for water sports provided competitors and fans with unforgettable sporting experiences. Over 70 competitors from all over Poland participated in the competition, including the youngest 9-year-old participant and the oldest 57-year-old sailing enthusiast.

Jamno is the ninth largest lake in Poland, used mainly for water sports and water tourism – not only in summer. It is also a haven for numerous projects of the Firmus group, such as the Osiedle Norweskie housing project or the first group aparthotel under the name Molo Park.

On Saturday July 14 this year, the eighth edition of the Trio Basket street basketball tournament took place in the Sport Valley. The Firmus Group is the strategic sponsor of the event almost from the very beginning.

In addition to the sports and music events, a number of attractions were planned for young and old. In front of the audience, a painting work was created by Tomasz Żuk aka Cukin.

Firmus Group promoted security by training in first aid and by inviting visitors to the road safety zone. Everyone could have a break in the zone of relaxation and rest that was once again prepared.