Stein Christian Knutsen, President of the Board:

,,When I first arrived in Koszalin in May 2000 and walked the pristine beaches in Mielno I thought that I had found my paradise. When I further learned that acquiring kilometres of beachfront land was actually affordable, in a country where there is less than 2 cm of coastline per capita, I was stunned. A month later I had acquired my first piece of beachfront property which later has grown to kilometres. I have found my paradise and my beach.

  • The company has acquired more than 200 Ha of land

  • Firmus Group has completed 15 investments

  • The investor successfully developed around 600 apartments

Firmus is a complete picture property developer and investor.

We operate across all areas of the development cycle, from strategic land investment through design and development and operations and after-care.

“When we looked at the market, we couldn’t find an operator that lived up to the quality of our properties. As a result we have created our own, which has increased our profits in the process”.

For decades, the Polish seafront remained one of Europe’s best kept secrets. The pristine white sandy beaches and extensive coastal dune network has been a preferred holiday destination for many. In summer, the idyllic seaside town of Mielno attracts almost 150,000 visitors generating more  than 1 million overnight stays. Despite this, the area remains largely under-serviced and underdeveloped. In the last 20 years, Poland has rapidly grown to become the 7th largest economy in the EU.

Today, this growth has seen a rise average earnings and living standards. Increase spending has led to a growth in demand for second homes, and with this beach-front property. In 2000, Firmus group invested significantly in land, securing some of the regions prime beachfront properties with a view to developing the best homes in the most desirable location on the Polish coast.