When I first arrived in Koszalin in May 2000 and walked the pristine beaches in Mielno I thought that I had found my paradise. When I further learned that acquiring kilometres of beachfront land was actually affordable, in a country where there is less than 2 cm of coastline per capita, I was stunned. A month later I had acquired my first piece of beachfront property which later has grown to kilometres. I have found my paradise and my beach

The history of the Firmus Group starts from … a very little beach. “It is the unusual nature of the coast, waves continually washing the white sand on vast beaches, salty wind and fresh air. Looking at the mild dunes, I understood that this place had an extraordinary potential,” reminisces Stein Knutsen, the CEO of the Firmus Group.

Interestingly, in the first years of its business, the Firmus Group was involved in the production and export of wooden houses to Norway. Admittedly, the apartment building Tarasy, as well as the first cosy buildings within the Rezydencja Park complex did not shock anybody with their scale, but they definitely introduced new architectural standards defining the direction of transforming Mielno into an elegant resort.

The company has acquired more than 200 Ha of land
Firmus Group has completed 15 investments
The investor successfully developed around 600 apartments

The official opening of the spectacular complex of DUNE Resort next to the beach was something unique in all respects, providing Mielno with a climate of the south Côte d’Azur or sunny California. A list of completed and ready-to-use facilities is ended by Aparthotel Molo Park and the first typically residential project in Koszalin under the name Osiedle Norweskie.

As emphasised by Stein Christian Knutsen, the CEO: “ The highest quality, reliability and respect for the environment are what counts the most to us. We give our customers exactly what we promise. We have a business programme for years to come. We implement it consistently and thoughtfully. All the undertakings we implement are steps on our way to our main goal, which is to make Mielno, within one generation, the most exclusive and desired place of relaxation not only on the Polish Coast.”

In addition to the property developer business, Firmus engages in the community life in the area, supporting various initiatives related to sport, culture and charity. Some events are self-initiated, such as Akademia Firmus, as part of which children, young people and whole families are educated in the broadly defined safety and first aid skills.