The International Winter Swimmers’ Rally in Mielno is the largest such event in Poland and Europe and one of the largest in the world, held annually, always on the second weekend of February. At that time, thousands of winter swimmers from all over Poland and beyond come to Mielno. They swim together in the Baltic Sea, dance, have fun and integrate with other cold-loving people. And they make a huge, positive noise in the middle of winter.

Every year the number of participants in the rally is record-breaking and the list of accompanying attractions is constantly growing. The rally is not only four days of frosty swims, ending with a Sunday parade through the streets of Mielno and a big final swim. The participants have at their disposal, among others, the Special Winter Swimming Chillout Zone, where winter swimmers can warm up in tubs, saunas and swimming pools before, during and after swimming in the Baltic Sea. No other winter swimming event provides such attractions in the immediate vicinity of the beach and the sea. Not surprisingly, the whole event is very media-oriented and attracts journalists from the biggest Polish TV and radio stations to Mielno.