The International Winter Swimmers’ Rally in Mielno is the largest such event in Poland and Europe and one of the largest in the world, held annually, always on the second weekend of February. At that time, thousands of winter swimmers from all over Poland and beyond come to Mielno. They swim together in the Baltic Sea, dance, have fun and integrate with other cold-loving people. And they make a huge, positive noise in the middle of winter.

Every year the number of participants in the rally is record-breaking and the list of accompanying attractions is constantly growing. The rally is not only four days of frosty swims, ending with a Sunday parade through the streets of Mielno and a big final swim. The participants have at their disposal, among others, the Special Winter Swimming Chillout Zone, where winter swimmers can warm up in tubs, saunas and swimming pools before, during and after swimming in the Baltic Sea. No other winter swimming event provides such attractions in the immediate vicinity of the beach and the sea. Not surprisingly, the whole event is very media-oriented and attracts journalists from the biggest Polish TV and radio stations to Mielno.

For two days (26.10 — 27.10) the newest building of the Rezydencja Park complex that not long ago received an occupancy permit which we announced HERE, housed an exceptional exhibition “Historical postcard from Mielno”.

Tourists and residents of Mielno and the surrounding area admired the scanned postcards made available by the State Archive in Koszalin. Interesting questions were asked, there were also interesting stories told on individual postcards and about the 1920s.

Mielno was an exceptional place, I would dare to say that even an exclusive one. The tourists appreciated beautiful beaches and offers of nearby cafes and restaurants. At present, our town has changed a lot, but continues to be appreciated by people who come here to relax,” said one of Mielno’s residents.

In addition, people who showed up at the exhibition could visit the latest project implemented by the Firmus Group and see a model apartment.

It should be noted that the exhibition “Historical postcard from Mielno” may be visited in the lobby of Dune B and in the Dune Restaurant Cafe Lounge.


The idea of Made in Koszalin is to promote local patriotism, design as well as companies and events that Koszalin is proud of.

For the first time, the 3rd Forum chose a typically residential project implemented by the Firmus Group under the name Osiedle Norweskie.

The honourary patronage of Made in Koszalin 2017 was taken by the Mayor of the City of Koszalin Piotr Jedliński.

Among this year`s winners of the prestigious award Orły WPROST (WPROST’s Eagles) there was one of the companies owned by the property developer group Firmus, responsible for the implementation of the first stage of the Dune Resort. During a ceremonial gala held last night (6 December 2017) in Swinoujście, a congratulatory diploma was received by Aneta Leśna, representative of the Firmus Group.

The award is granted to the best companies in each province. They are nominated by the international real property advisor Bisnode after analysing the companies` financial performance over the past three years.

The award of Orły WPROST refers to the awards previously granted by the President Ryszard Kaczorowski Institute to the individuals, companies and institutions who greatly contribute to the economic development of Poland and also to those who engage in the local community matters, are active in the charity area and promote high standards in business.